Xinjiang NewsWater Lilies Are Blossoming In Xinjiang

Xinjiang NewsWater Lilies Are Blossoming In Xinjiang,Bosten Lake is one of the largest inland lakes in China. It covers an area of about 980 square meters its a place known for housing a lot of wild life. Here you..

Arid Northwest China Taking Steps To Halt Desertification.Outside Korla City, Xinjiang Province 30 May 2002 1. Wide shot of desert with camels 2. Camel walking 3. Cracked desert soil 4. Closeup of same 5..

Why Is Tibet Important To China - Short Documentary Film.Why is Tibet Important to China Before 1959, the present area of the Tibet Autonomous Region was governed by the government of Tibet headed by the Dalai..

FEATURE Changing Face Of China AP On Uighurs In Xinjiang Province.Hotan, Xinjiang 26 May, 2008 1. Wide of desert and sand dunes 2. Close up of green and white flags, to symbolise the colours of Islam 3. Mid of Uighur men..

CPEC Will Benefit Only Chinese Interests, Say Kashmiri Leaders.Gilgit Baltistan, Dec 22 The ChinaPakistan Economic Corridor, a mega project passing through the disputed Gilgit Baltistan region has sparked off an outcry by..

Xinjiang Uyghur Representative Ilham Abducted From Home..

Chinas CoaltoChemical Projects Returns

Chinas CoaltoChemical Projects Returns,Follow us on TWITTER twittercnforbiddennews Like us on FACEBOOK.facebookchinaforbiddennews China has reportedly seen a..

Chairman Of China Resources Company Finally Investigated.Follow us on TWITTER twittercnforbiddennews Like us on FACEBOOK.facebookchinaforbiddennews On the evening of April 17, The..

Terrible Sandstorm Hit Northwest China Covering Day As Night Sandsturm.Severe sandstorms are usually caused by both natural and contrived factors, that is, climatic, geographical, social and human factors. Topographical factor..

YUSHU, QINGHAI PROVINCE (???????)- ( Travelogue ).Travelogue 20110315 Ethnic Odyssey 7 In this episode of Travelogue, come to Yushu for a closer look at the Tibetans of Qinghai and their horseracing..

Largest Coal-to-gas Project To Be Launched.Chinese authorities have approved construction for the countrys largest coaltogas project in the northwestern Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region..

The Dilemma Of Qilian Mountainís Glacier Water -- 4 Mins Version.Tutorial coproduced by Snow Alliance and Zulihe Sponsored by The National Geographic Air and Water Conservation Fund With climate change and increasing..

China Membrane Bioreactor (mbr) Market Outlook-.1. China Membrane Bioreactor MBR Market Outlook Ambitious Water Reuse Targets Boosting Membrane Industry Jennie Peng, Consulting Analyst..

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