Duke Energy, IPL Warn Consumers To Steer Clear Of Bill Payment Scam

Duke Energy, IPL Warn Consumers To Steer Clear Of Bill Payment Scam,Duke Energy and Indianapolis Power and Light are warning consumers in Indiana about a bill payment demand that could drain their wallets..

Duke Energy Power Plant Tour.Bill Day, Plant Manager at Duke Energys Fayette Facility gives us a tour of the combined cycle power plant where he works. The plant uses natural gas to create..

Sticker Shock Over New Duke Energy Bills.Some customers are shocked to find higher Duke Energy bills despite their electricity use remaining steady..

Duke Energy Ekes Out Payment..

Duke Energy Offering Energy Bill Assistance For Low Income Customers.News 10 at 6PM..

Dynegy Energy Services: Understanding Your Bill: Understanding Your Duke Energy Bill..

WRAL Investigates Problems With Duke Energy Progress Bills

WRAL Investigates Problems With Duke Energy Progress Bills,Lets face it, you deserve to know whats going on with your power bill. WRALs investigative unit has been looking into power bill problems for months after many..

Duke Energy Disputing Tax Bill From Citrus County.Duke Energy has disputed its tax bill from Citrus County by first not paying it and now suing the county..

WRAL Investigates Duke Energy Progress.When customers complained to Five On Your Side about hefty deposit charges suddenly appearing on their bill, Monica Laliberte took action. Watch her..

NISSAN Whistleblower Connects Duke Energy, Jim Rogers, Bill Johnson To DOE Fraud &Carlos Ghosn.Sharyn Bovat has been fighting fraud for over 3 years in reference to President Obamas green programs. A whistleblower at Duke Energy was silenced and..

Duke Energy Plans On Buying Out Piedmont Natural Gas For A Billion Dollar Deal.Many wondering what effect Duke Energys acquisition of Piedmont Natural Gas would have on their bill Subscribe to WYFF on YouTube now for more..

Howard Ain, Troubleshooter: Duke Energy Alternatives.CINCINNATI Howard Ain Deregulation has led to lower utility rates in Ohio.While thats good for consumers, it has also brought dozens of companies into the..

08-13-12 DUKE ENERGY CEO JIM ROGERS TESTIFIES AT PSC.The 1.6 million customers of Progress Energy in Florida can expect lower utility bills as a result of the companys merger with Duke Energy, which creates the..

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