Water Utility Finance

Water Utility Finance,Michael Orth, Managing Director of the Americas at Black Veatch, explains why the water financing gap remains an ongoing struggle for utilities. Learn more at..

WEBINAR: Asset Management Core Component 2 -- Required Level Of Service.This is an opportunity for your water system to participate in a training event that helps the utility answer the question, How can we spend our limited dollars to..

Water Utility Asset Management.Jeff Stillman, Asset Management Practice Leader at Black Veatch, discusses the benefits of asset management for U.S. utilities. Learn more..

Utilities Kingston Committed To Service Excellence.Utilities Kingstons roots in the community run deep. Weve been providing utility services in Kingston since 1867. Our employees are proud to help build this..

Assessing Customer Preferences And Willingness To Pay: A Handbook For Water Utilities.08232011 Water Research Foundation Webcast. Water utilities in the United States are challenged to maintain service levels in the face of aging infrastructure,..

ArcGIS 10.2 Water Utility Network Editing.This tutorial describes how to use some of the Water Utility Network Editing toolbar buttons for ArcGIS 10.2. This toolset is designed to work with the Local..

Smart Water Utility KR Smart Metering As A Service. Simple Animation

Smart Water Utility KR Smart Metering As A Service. Simple Animation,A simple animation showing the value chain of a smart water utility connecting to consumers at the smart meter edge and responding to different alerts..

Water Utility Demo.A quick overview of a generic water utility using high level KPIs to drive improvement and identify areas of focus. The metrics were defined by the American..

Health &Human Services Announces New Fluoride Recommendations.January 7th, 2011 Health and Human Services lowers recommended levels of fluoride in water Substance causing fluorosis health worries growing ATLANTA..

County Talk - Water: Surface Water Quality (seg. 2)..

County Talk - Water: Sarasota's Drinking Water Supply (seg.1)..

Cloud Services For The Utility Industry.Black Veatch projects that utilities will begin rapidly embracing cloud technologies within the next threetofive years. Read more in the Utility Automation..

Expanding Utility Services Beyond Water Supply.11032011 Water Research Foundation Webcast. This Webcast explores options and provides practical information to water utilities to help them make..

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