Fresh Water Shortages Strike Harare

Fresh Water Shortages Strike Harare,Often in times of political unrest, the most severe casualty is the shortage of basic human needs. Currently the most severe of these basic shortages is the fresh..

WATER WAR!? The Growing FEARS Of Water Scarcity - Fact Of Fiction?.Water scarcity involves water stress, water deficits, water shortage and water crisis. The concept of water stress is relatively new. Water stress is the difficulty of..

INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF WATER:Water Scarcity Already Affects 1.2 BILLION People.INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF WATERWater Scarcity already affects 1.2 BILLION People Water scarcity involves water stress, water deficits, water shortage and..

Kitui Town Residents Decry Biting Water Shortage For The Last Month.Residents in Kitui town and its surroundings are decrying the acute water shortage that has hit the area in the last one month. Water taps have run dry forcing the..

Acute Water Crisis In Saurashtra, Kutch And North Gujarat - Tv9 Gujarati.Despite Gujarat Chief Ministers claim that the Narmada Project waters have reached every nook and corner of the State, districts of Gujarats perennially..

WARNING Of Water Shortages Across The U.S..People considering a move to a new city or region frequently check the job prospects, quality of the schools, crime rates, property values and possibly the..

Water Sensitive Urban Design

Water Sensitive Urban Design,By creating water sensitive cities it is possible to address the major challenges of water shortage, flooding and pollution. This film, commissioned by the..

Water Connect 2015.Water Connect 2015 was a one day conference and networking event, which took place in Peterborough. The East of England is one of the most waterstressed..

CTBUH 2012 Shanghai Congress - Ellen Lou, "A 21st Century Vision For Chinese Cities".September 21, 2012. Shanghai, China. This session presents an overview of contemporary city planning in China and will address a range of challenges facing..

IRMA Has Produced A Short Film On Issues Related To Peri-Urban Areas.The Periurban are seen as an interface between the urban and rural areas, also called the transition zone or interaction zone, where urban and rural activities..

Kapihan Sa Media Ng Bayan: El Nio And Water Supply..

Managing Water Supplies Replaces Building Dams In Iran.Iran is among numerous countries which face water crisis as one of the primary challenges in the coming decades. Experts believe the water issue is reaching..

BBC Our World India's Water Crisis.India receives adequate rainfall for its billionplus population, but the country is facing a crisis as water is diverted from poor rural areas to fill water tanks and..

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