West Virginia Water Crisis Continues

West Virginia Water Crisis Continues,Nearly a week after a ninecounty water ban was put in place, residents of Charleston, WV are beginning to get the allclear from the local water company to use..

West Virginia Water Crisis Film Excerpt.This is the workinprogress excerpt from my film on the West Virginia Water Crisis that I showed at the West Virginia International Film Festival on May 13, 2014..

West Virginia Water Crisis: People In Need 10 Days Later.petitions.moveonsigndemandcoalenforcement1sourcec.urlrby4510024 Take action now to demand justice to West Virginia residents whose..

West Virginia Water Crisis: Behind Chemical Spill, Gaping Holes In State And Federal Regulation..democracynow The Freedom Industries site behind the West Virginia chemical spill is just a mile upriver from the states largest water treatment..

West Virginia Water Crisis: Exclusive *Crucial* Information About Flushing.Dr. Andrew Whelton, an environmental engineer at the University of South Alabama, explains the negative effects of NOT flushing your water on your plumbing..

Officials: West Virginia Water Crisis Near End.smarturl.itAssociatedPress West Virginia officials say levels of a chemical that leaked into the Elk River and affected the water supply are dropping..

West Virginia Water Crisis, Connie Lewis, Winfield

West Virginia Water Crisis, Connie Lewis, Winfield,.

West Virginia Water Crisis: Lessons Learned, Hope Renewed.Its been an exceptional year for our clean water advocacy. Join us on a 6 minute journey of crisis, hope and changemade possible through your support..

West Virginia Water Crisis The Living Connection With Ekayani Chamberlin Health &Lifestyle Coach..

West Virginia Water Crisis, Roger Eads, Winfield (Putnam County).Roger Eads talks about his experiences with the water crisis, which he says affects everybody in town. He also talks about seeing the water crisis covered on..

West Virginia Water Crisis: Check In After The Capitol Rally..

West Virginia Water Crisis, Ronnie Matthews, Putnam County Circuit Clerk..

West Virginia Water Crisis, Malissa Deweese On Transporting Water, Putnam County.Malissa talks about using a Teamsters semitruck to help the National Guard make water deliveries, the difficulties of getting water to the people who need it..

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