Spain The Battle Over Water European Journal

Spain The Battle Over Water European Journal,As a result of the economic crisis, many municipalities in Spain have sold their public water utilities to private companies. Now some local communities are..

Water Parks In Arid Vidarbha.The arrival of a water tanker in the heart of Nagpur city is characterized by hordes of people jostling for just a bottle full of water. Water is scarce and the..

GM Food Threats-Harare Water Shortage-Afghan Diaspora-Reporter's File-11-17-2011..presstvProgram210767 In this edition of the show, Press TVs Fabian Pierre reports from Vienna on the threat of GM foods in Austria..

IndiaUnheard Video Inspires Community To Take Direct Action.Inspired by an IndiaUnheard Community Tutorial, a village crippled by water scarcity, begins to believe in the power of the people to take action and create..

Kerala Yathra Full Video Part 2.All India Sunni JamIyyathul Ulama general secretary Kanthapuram A P Aboobacker Musaliyar has urged municipalities and grama panchayats to effectively..


Water Challenge Day 5

Water Challenge Day 5,Day five of my water challenge. There was a bit of a camera malfunction earlier, so Im doing this tutorial inside. Today I talk briefly about water problems in..

Water Occupation-Remember Palestine-06-22-2012.On December 13, 2011, the French National Assembly issued a 320page report entitled, The Geopolitics of Water, which dedicated 20 pages to an alleged..

Sao Paolo Water Shortage!.source article.theguardiancities2015feb25saopaulobrazilfailingmegacitywatercrisisrationing Save the Howe Sound..

Mexico, Most Bottled Water Per Person In The World.CCTV America correspondent Ross Velton in Mexico City talks to the residents to discover why they drink bottled water instead of tap water. Velton also..

Every Drop Matters 7 Turkey.After seeing the successful models of rainwater harvesting in Beypazar, Turkey, people in neighboring communities are copying the technology in their own..

Wrap-up Of World Water Day 2012 At FAO HQ..unwaterworldwaterday The UN Food and Agriculture Organization FAO observed World Water Day at its headquarters in Rome with..

Water Is Life!.This is a story about wasted water, discarded litter and the dangers we face from contaminated water. Conceived as puppet theatre for young children it..

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