Epic Water Filter Distribution In Northwestern Haiti, 2012

Epic Water Filter Distribution In Northwestern Haiti, 2012,The Epic Movement in Haiti is fighting to change and save lives through the distribution of water filters and health education..

Clean Water For Haiti - About Filters And Health Training.Description of Clean Water for Haitis work to empower locals to build filters that will last for up to 20 or more years and provide clean water for up to 4..

Community Outreach : Water Filtration Project Haiti.Anatomy Guys James Coulter and Jon Gellman traveled to Haiti shortly after the Earthquake of 2010 to set up a health clinic. The project has grown and now..

CARE Workers In Haiti Demonstrate Water Purification Process.Using Pur water purification packets, CARE workers in Haiti demonstrate how to make contaminated water safe to drink. Find out more by visiting..

Haiti Water Filtration Project - St. Yves Parish..

Innovative Water Filtration Gives Haitians Hope.A Haitian businessman and a U.S. nonprofit have joined hands to bring clean water to thousands of Haitians by equipping them an innovative water filtration..

Magepa Distributes Free Water Filtration Sytems Across Haiti

Magepa Distributes Free Water Filtration Sytems Across Haiti,.

MOM Haiti Poverty Water Filtration Project Helping Haiti's Earthquake Survivors H264..

NM Base Sends Water Filtration To Haiti.Preparations are underway at Holloman Air Force Base outside Alamogordo as crews work to prepare equipment headed to help in Haiti..

Mr. Rooter Plumbing &3M Purification Inc. Purify Water In Haiti.Mr. Rooter Plumbing and 3M Purification Inc. taught Haitian women how to safely use their water while building water filters for future use, testing their water..

Young Haitian Fighting Cholera Epidemic One Water Filter At A Time.Nineteenyearold Samuel Marseila is a teacher with World Water Relief, a group that installs water filtration systems in schools, giving children access to clean..

Water Filter Deliveries In Haiti - Difficult Terrain..

Biosand Filter Sand Washing - Pure Water For The World - Haiti..

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