Water Pipeline Planned To Address Oklahoma Drought

Water Pipeline Planned To Address Oklahoma Drought,From high above a halfempty Lake Hefner, its painfully clear Oklahomas drought isnt going anywhere. Subscribe to KOCO on YouTube now for more..

Western Governors' Drought Forum Case Study: Efficient Water Management In The Oklahoma Panhandle.The Oklahoma Panhandle is an agriculturallydriven region that receives little annual precipitation, creating a dependence on groundwater drawn from the..

Lake Hefner Drought - November, 2012 - Oklahoma City, OK.Raw footage of the low water levels in Lake Hefner..

Oklahoma Drought, Lake Hefner, X Alien Quadcopter.flew my quad at the lake after my buddy told me the waters had receded, i did not expect for it to be this dry, i guess we will have a really bad summer this year..

Water Wise Landscaping In Oklahoma City.62814 In this segment host Kim Toscano visits with Dr. Justin Moss, Associate Professor in the Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Department, about the..

Plant Adaptations To Water Stress.9812 Dr. Andrew Doust, Assistant Professor of Botany at Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma Gardening host Kim Toscano for a close look at plant..

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Water Restrictions In Effect Amid Drought.Oklahoma City leaders issued a mandatory water restriction for northwest and southwest parts of the city on Monday..

Prolonged Drought Plagues SW Oklahoma Farmers.Parts of western Texas and southwestern Oklahoma have been in drought conditions for several years running and the deficit in rainfall has taken a heavy toll on..

Oklahoma Drought: A New Generation - What Is Drought?.SUNUPs Dave Deken helps us understand what is drought, when it started and if there is a possibility of moisture in the future. We talk with Associate State..

Oklahoma Farmers Feeling Effects Of Drought.The drought in Oklahoma continues despite rain across the state. Subscribe to KOCO on YouTube now for more 1lGfjIl Get more Oklahoma City..

Drought And Wildland Fires..

12-27-13 Southwest Oklahoma Drought *Bobby Hines HD*.Bobby traveled down across rural areas of Southwest Oklahoma to explore some of the drought conditions just after Christmas. Several areas are still in..

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