Law Water Jimmy Kimmel Joins The LA DWP Water Conservation Unit

Law Water Jimmy Kimmel Joins The LA DWP Water Conservation Unit,California is currently in the middle of a serious drought. Its important to make sure we all do our part to conserve, so Jimmy went on a ride along with the L.A..

Epic Drought: California Has About 1 Year Of Water Left..undergroundworldnews Given the histo.ic low temperatures and snowfalls that pummeled the eastern U.S. this winter, it might be easy to..

Water In The West - Governor Jerry Brown Discusses Drought In California.Governor Jerry Brown and Los Angeles Times and publisher Austin Beutner will discuss the California drought. Presented in partnership with the Los Angeles..

Water Restrictions Issued In California After Severe Drought.California officials, for the first time in the states history, have enforced mandatory water restrictions to battle the drought that has swept the state. RTs Lindsay..

Why The Ocean Canít Fix The Drought.Californias drought is bad. Really bad. If we could take salt out of ocean water, could that fix the problem Follow Julian on Twitter stwitterjhug00..

Jobs, Land Languish In California Drought In Race For Water.In the four years since the drought in California began, the lack of water has cost thousands of jobs, caused noticeable changes in the landscape and induced..

As Drought Continues LA water Police Fight Waste

As Drought Continues LA water Police Fight Waste,In the midst of a historic drought, Los Angeles is increasing efforts to go after people who waste water. Five water conservation cops drive around the city every..

LOS ANGELES DWP INTENTIONALLY WASTES 70,000 GALLONS OF WATER DURING A DROUGHT..What an outrage! They want to give us $500 fines for wasting water yet they can just dump it.

California Drought 2014 Los Angeles River Wasting Millions Of Gallons Of Precious Water.California is in one of the worst droughts in many many years. Yet for some reason we keep pumping millions of gallons of water in a storm basin called the LA..

Los Angeles Throws 96M Balls At California's Drought Problem - Newsy.Millions of spheres, 4 inches in diameter, are meant to slow water evaporation from Los Angeles reservoirs by simply floating on the water. See more at..

LA Fights Drought By Releasing Black Balls Into Water Reservoir.SUBSCRIBE to NewsBreakers YouTube Channel YgsSEg The shade balls prevent more than 300 million gallons of water per year from evaporating..

California Floats Shade Balls To Battle Drought.Tens of thousands of plastic balls were dumped intentionally into the biggest reservoir in Los Angeles to combat Californias drought. The balls that poured in..

'Shade Balls:' What Are They And How Are They Saving Water?.Aug. 17 Water managers in Los Angeles are managing drought pressure on city water supplies by covering their major reservoir with 96 million little plastic..

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