Water Utility Asset Management

Water Utility Asset Management,Jeff Stillman, Asset Management Practice Leader at Black Veatch, discusses the benefits of asset management for U.S. utilities. Learn more..

7 Of 8 - Water Utility Management &Infrastructure Career Insights (Operations).There are exciting career opportunities in water and wastewater operations. This segment features operations leaders from large metropolitan centres and..

New Public Management Reforms In The Water Utility Sector.As water is one of the mainstays of human life and therefore human civilization, recent New Public Management reforms implemented in the water utility sector..

WEBINAR: Asset Management Core Component 1 -- The Current State Of The Assets.This is an opportunity for your water system to participate in a training event that will help the utility answer the question, How can we spend our limited dollars..

ABT Water Management - Introduction..

Creating A Smart Water Utility.Jeff Neeman, Water Treatment Technology Director at Black Veatch, explains how technology can help create a Smart Water Utility. Learn more..

Increase Your Daily Efficiencies In Water Utility Management

Increase Your Daily Efficiencies In Water Utility Management,Accurate utility maps give you a better understanding of what your rural water system actually contains, translating into less time spent in the field and increasing..

Applications Of IT To Water Management.Peter Williams CTO, Big Green Innovations at IBM Abstract The talk will look at information and information technology developments that enable dramatically..

2015 06 09 13 03 UMich Utilities Management With GIS.The Utilities Department of the University of Michigan provides utility services for its Ann Arbor campus. Services provided include water, sewer, storm, chilled..

Strategies For Workforce Management And Knowledge Retention At Water Utilities.In the Webcast, presenters Linda Blankenship and Marcia Isbell, Principle Consultants with EMA, Inc., discuss how utilities can develop and implement a..

Steering Innovation In Water Utility Finance And Management.10242013 Water Research Foundation Webcast. The water industry is transforming from one of known challenges and steady growth that can be addressed by..

Austin Water Utility Billing Issues..

Strategies For The Future Of Wastewater Utility Management.George Hawkins, general manager of DC Water Sewer, shares some words of wisdom for becoming the water utility of the future..

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