Toxic Algae Confirmed In St. Lucie River

Toxic Algae Confirmed In St. Lucie River,Residents urged to avoid contact..

New Effort Could Keep Struggling Businesses That Depend On St. Lucie River Afloat.Businesses struggling to stay afloat because of the toxic water in the St. Lucie River are counting on a state of emergency declaration to keep them afloat..

Is Toxic St. Lucie River Killing Fish?.Toxic green algae in the St. Lucie River presents serious health risks, but what is fact and what is just rumor. WPBF 25 News Ari Hait investigates..

Nelson: St. Lucie River 'had No Life'.Sen. Bill Nelson, DFla., says the St. Lucie River has no life after touring the nowtoxic water..

River Rally - Save The St. Lucie River And Martin County Wildlife - Part 1..

Bacteria Levels Still High In St Lucie River.Toxic water in the Treasure Coast..

Top Democrats Tour Toxic Waters In Martin County

Top Democrats Tour Toxic Waters In Martin County,U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy invites top House Democrat Steny Hoyer to tour the toxic water plaguing the St. Lucie River..

St. Lucie River Causing Health Hazard.Toxic algae throughout the St. Lucie River is posing a health hazard..

Massive FLUORESCENT Toxic Algae In SE Florida.Massive outbreak of toxic algae reported at Floridas southeastern coast. WEBSITE thewatchers.adorraeli Author credit Adonai Photo credit Dick Miller..

Phipps Park Protest Against Polluted Water In Stuart.Protestors of all ages, turned out by the thousands, to rally on Saturday against Algaepolluted waters along the Treasure Coast. Residents of the area are..

Murphy Statement On Waterways Briefing, WRRDA.Congressman Patrick E. Murphy FL18 took to the House floor with a bottle of toxic water from the St. Lucie River to discuss the October 3rd Congressional..

Part 2: Congressman Partick Murphy And The St. Lucie River Protest Song 8.29.2013..

St. Lucie River: Col. Al Pantano Says He's Responsible For What's Happening.I have seen the brown soupy water and I know whats its doing says the commander of the USACE Jacksonville District which has responsibilty for Lake..

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