Survivors Of Camp Lejeunes Toxic Water Share Their Stories

Survivors Of Camp Lejeunes Toxic Water Share Their Stories,A month after one of the most destructive chemical spills in West Virginias history, state residents are still dealing with lingering questions about the safety of..

NC Base Toxic Water May Date To 1948.Drinking water contamination at North Carolinas sprawling Camp Lejeune military base could date to 1948, five years earlier than researchers had reported..

Dirty Water, Dirty Money: Coal Ash And The Attack On North Carolina’s Courts.This new minidocumentary from Legal Progress showcases the real human impact of special interest money infiltrating judicial elections by featuring one North..

Court Rules Against Homeowners In Toxic Water Case.The Supreme Court says a group of homeowners in North Carolina cant sue a company that contaminated their drinking water because a state deadline has..

NC Legislators Push Bid To Regulate Toxic Coal Ash.North Carolina lawmakers are focusing on legislation they say makes the state the nations first to address decades of toxic water pollution from residue left..

Dan Rather Reports Camp Lejuene Toxic Water PART 2.Dan Rather Reports 2 of 3 A Few Good Men, A Lot Of Bad Water. Episode 334, aired 10162008 A former Marine Corps drill sergeant believes toxic..

Homes Built On Toxic Site Despite EPA Warnings

Homes Built On Toxic Site Despite EPA Warnings,Thousands of pages of documents show federal regulators knew as early as 1991 that a North Carolina site potentially threatened the surrounding communitys..

Toxic Waste In The US: Coal Ash (Full Length).Coal ash, which contains many of the worlds worst carcinogens, is whats left over when coal is burnt for electricity. An estimated 113 million tons of coal ash are..

New TOXIC Spill SCANDAL With NC Gov. Pat McCrory - Rachel Maddow.Rachel reports on the growing pressure on Republican North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory for his connection to Duke Energy and their toxic coal ash spill..

News 13's US Supreme Court Coverage Of Toxic Drinking Water Case.We attended the April 23rd hearing as Justices and attorneys deliberated whether to change the law as it relates to how long a person can sue a company..

Toxic Mold Removal Wilmington NC | Sano Steam Mold Remediation.Black Mold Removal Wilmington NC Crawlspace Drying Restoration Brunswick, Pender, New hanover North Carolina Services Mold Removal, Crawlspace..

The Largest Coal Ash Pond In The US: Coal Ash (Part 2).Watch Part One Toxic Waste Spill in North Carolina 1G831lu Coal ash, which contains many of the worlds worst carcinogens, is whats left over..

Toxic Black Mold Syndrome Caused By Water Damage - NC Medical Expert Explains Symptoms..

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