WRAL Investigates Problems With Duke Energy Progress Bills

WRAL Investigates Problems With Duke Energy Progress Bills,Lets face it, you deserve to know whats going on with your power bill. WRALs investigative unit has been looking into power bill problems for months after many..

Reality Check: Duke Billing Issues.WAYNESVILLE, N.C. Michael and Evie Nagy say no one was willing to help when they received a $1200 Duke Energy power bill. They kept saying thats how..

Flashback: Duke Energy Caught Dumping Coal Waste Into NC Water.Flashback Duke Energy is caught dumping coal waste into North Carolina water On the Bonus Show The FAA finally approves testing of a now obsolete..

Tweak To NC Law Protected Duke's Coal Ash Pits.smarturl.itAssociatedPress AP Investigation A provision in a regulatory reform bill allowed Duke Energy to avoid any costly cleanup of contaminated..

New Duke Energy Policy Forces Woman To Pay $1,000 Deposit.A new policy requires Duke Energy customer who are repeatedly delinquent to pay a security deposit..

"Duke Energy Charlotte ,NC Protest "clean Up Your Ash!!!".It was an incredible feeling to stand and chant next to all of you and demand that Duke Energy do what is right for people and our environment. The people who..

Duke Energy CEO How I Dealt With An Environmental Disaster Fortune MPW

Duke Energy CEO How I Dealt With An Environmental Disaster Fortune MPW,Lynn Good CEO of Duke Energy, the countrys largest electric power company, talks about the companys coal ash spill in North Carolina and what she learned..

Look! GOP Governor &Giant Duke Energy Are Too Cozy!.Frank Holleman, Southern Environmental Law Center, joins Thom Hartmann. A coal spill on the Dan River in North Carolina has exposed the cozy relationship..

Occupy Charlotte NC Protest Duke Energy Expect More!.duke energy commercial, duke energy lineman, duke energy physical ability test, duke energy commercial 2015, duke energy coal ash spill, duke energy center,..

Duke Energy Rate Hike Protest W Occupy Charlotte..

Protest At Duke Energy Shareholders Meeting.On May 1, 2014 there was a demonstration held outside the Duke Energy shareholders meeting, at their corporate headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina..

Why Did The Dems Choose Charlotte? Examining Obama's Close Ties To Utility Giant Duke Energy.DemocracyNow Duke Energy, the nations largest utility, has played a major role in bringing the Democratic National Convention to Charlotte, North..

Why Duke Energy Needs To Be Held Accountable In NC.Tutorial 1 of 7 March 31st, 2014 At a Forward Together Moral Monday Town Hall meeting after the Dan River Coal Ash spill, NC Warn Community Organizer Kim..

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