Differing Views In Place Of Nuclear Energy In Kenya Power Plans

Differing Views In Place Of Nuclear Energy In Kenya Power Plans,The public were to be invited to air views on a nuclear regulatory bill that sought to establish a body responsible for licensing nuclear operations in Kenya..

Joseph Njoroge - Managing Director - Kenya Power &Lighting Company.Most company executives in Kenya single out the increasing cost of energy as the biggest threat to businesses this year that according to a recent survey by..

Kenya Power Aims To Uncover Illegal Connections And Tampering Of Power Metre System.Power distributor Kenya power has embarked on a countrywide meter inspection drive targeted at ensuring customers get value for their money. According to..


Kenya Power Moves To Assure North Rift Residents Of Quality Services.Kenya Power moves to strengthen services in North Rift Kenya power has unveiled plans to improve the quality of power supply in the north rift region..

KPLC Pre-Paid Meter System.The fate of hundreds of meter readers hangs in the balance as the Kenya power and lighting company KPLC scales up the installation of prepaid electricity..

Parliament To Enact Bill That Seeks To Liberalize Power Supply

Parliament To Enact Bill That Seeks To Liberalize Power Supply,The National Assembly unanimously approved a motion that seeks to liberalize the electricity distribution in the country. Parliament says that Kenya powers..

KPLC Electricity Bills.The consumers will once again adjust their household budgets as the cost of power goes up this month. The Kenya power and lighting company KPLC has..

Kenya Power - One Young World 2012 Documentary.Kenya Power sponsored 10 remarkable individuals to the One Young World Summit in Pittsburgh, USA between 18th and 22nd October, 2012..

Energy Sector Set For Major Changes If Bill Becomes Law.The energy sector in Kenya is headed for sweeping changes if the proposed Energy Bill 2015 becomes law. The bill proposes to establish a number of entities..

Lighter Cost, Greater Access! Power Connection Fee Now KShs 15,000 From KShs 35,000.The cost of a power connection is now 15000 shillings down from 35000 shillings. Whats more, you can pay for it in monthly installments as part of your bill while..

Power On The Go..

Action Station Lighting Up Kenya.Kenya Power lauds new bill that will rein in on vandalism The supply of quality electricity has in the past been hampered by among other things vandalism of..

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