Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Climate Change Debate (HBO).John Oliver hosts a mathematically representative climate change debate, with the help of special guest Bill Nye the Science Guy, of course. Connect with Last..

Energy During Visit To GrafTech International, LTD (2007).Today, President Bush Visited Cleveland, Ohio, And Called On Congress To Meet Its Responsibilities And Pass The Individual Spending Bills Needed To Keep..

US Congress Bill 2277 Russian Aggression Prevention Act Of 2014.Poznavatelnoe.tv decodes for viewers the US Congress bill 2277, its real meaning, mechanisms and objectives, in particular the removal of Putin, the taking of..

Cap And Trade..

Debate In Mexico Over Energy Bills.There have been scuffles in the lower house of the Mexican Congress as lawmakers discuss a controversial energy reform bill. Landy Berzunza of the governing..

The Daily Show Burn Noticed

The Daily Show Burn Noticed,The historic Peoples Climate March takes place in New York City while a House of Representatives committee struggles with the basic principles of global..

Obama Threatens To Veto Keystone Bill / Republicans, Green, Barack Obama, Congress.Obama threatens to veto Keystone bill The Republicancontrolled Senate followed the Houses lead and passed a procedural bill to approve construction of the..

National Security, Rare Earth Elements &The Thorium Problem.The only operating rare earth mine in the United States sends all of their valuable resources to China for processing. Congress does not know this. They think..

House Votes To Pass DHS Funding Bill / Congress.House votes to pass DHS funding bill NBCs Luke Russert reports on the Houses vote to pass a bill that would fund the Department of Homeland Security..

Mexican President Nieto Signs Controversial Energy Law..

Will Congress Revisit Veterans Suicide Prevention Bill In 2015?.Will Congress revisit veterans suicide prevention bill in 2015 Bill Rausch, the Political Director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, talks to Maria..

House Approves Keystone Bill / Republicans, Green, Congress, Keystone XL Pipeline.House approves Keystone bill The Republicancontrolled House passed a bill this week to approve the Keystone XL pipeline deal. Boehner gets revenge..

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