Dozens Of Kids Sickened At Antioch Water Park

Dozens Of Kids Sickened At Antioch Water Park,A possible chemical exposure left dozens of children sick at an Antioch water park. Andria Borba reports. 61815.

Dozens Sickened At Antioch Water Park.About 40 people, mostly children, have fallen ill Thursday afternoon due to a possible chemical exposure at an East Bay water park. 61815.

ANTIOCH WATER PARK.June 27,2013 Antioch Water Park Antioch, CA..

Antioch Water Park.Our first trip to the Antioch Water Park was fun! It was a little windy but we had a great time!.

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Wet 'n' Wild Water Park - Prewett Park In Antioch.Laura Vigil of Local Edition captures this historical moment as Prewett Family Park 4701 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, California opens its doors to the public..

Antioch Middle School To Close Due To Water Main Break

Antioch Middle School To Close Due To Water Main Break,A large water main break has forced the closure of Antioch Middle School in southeastern Davidson County..

Antioch Water Park.Kyree Kamarya Keanu..

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Car Hits Fire Hydrant, Shooting Water 30 Feet Into The Air, Antioch CA..Car hits fire hydrant, shooting water 30 feet into the air, Antioch CA..

Crystal At Antioch Water Park 7/14..

@ D Antioch Water Park.Tutorial uploaded from my hTC mobile phone..

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